Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! My family and I had a very nice weekend and the Easter Sunday Service at church was absolutely wonderful! It was just a very inspiring and uplifting service and we all had a wonderful and joyous time in the Lord! It doesn't get better than that. :)

The "Easter Bunny" was good to my Daughters again this year too so they were very pleased about that as well!

After church services were over we went out to eat with my Fiancee's Mother, which might I add was very nice because I got out of cooking!, and after we ate we then came home and watched a cute little movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua that my Fiancee's Mother had rented. We all loved it! It was just a very good day. :)

Now something else I'd like to share, my youngest Daughter is 8 yrs old and especially you parents out there know how kids can sometimes say the cutest things.
She comes up to me during a conversation my Fiancee and I were having and says
"Mommy does Jesus live on the moon?"! Ok I had to laugh because it was just to cute!! Of course My reply was Jesus lives in "Heaven" which lead then of course to more
You would have just had to been there but it was so cute!!

I hope everyone had a special Easter and enjoyed it as much as me and mine. Feel free to leave me some comments. I'd love to hear about your Easter too. :)

Be blessed in the Lord always and have a wonderful day!


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